Float by Daniel Miyares


Given the weather in London, I could’t think of a better week to spend time with this visual stunner from Daniel Miyares. The story is simple: a boy and his dad make a paper boat together; the boy goes out into the rain to play with the boat; adventure ensues. The book, however, is elegant and complex. No need for words, Miyares pace and understanding of the deeply felt range of emotions that can sweep over children in a short space of time makes this a masterwork of visual storytelling. One of my favourite touches to this book is Miyares’ diagram for paper boat making at the front of the book. I won’t spoil what he gives readers in the endpapers at the back of the book, but I will say it’s certainly an open door to further exploits.

About Stephanie Cummings

Stephanie Cummings is a former BBC Journalist sharing her lifetime love of children's literature and illustration with her two young daughters -- and now with you, too, through Two in a Tepee. Stephanie has an academic background at the undergraduate level in literature and has master's degrees in both anthropology (material and visual culture) and design. She started her professional life in an art gallery and ended up producing radio programmes for BBC Radio 4, before deciding to become a stay at home mum. She lives with her handsome husband (who is sometimes invited into the tepee) in leafy north London.

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