Two in a Tepee

Behind the scenes with…Daniel Miyares


Summer is here. How better to celebrate the advent of long days, blue skies (ok, possibly optimistic thinking in London) and bare legs than with these beautiful sketches?

Daniel Miyares, author / illustrator of Float (see our review here), Pardon Me and most recently, Bring Me a Rock!, opened up his sketchbook to give Two in a Tepee a look at what is keeping him busy at the moment. The series is called Gravity of Summer (Sigh. Love at first sight).

Daniel also let us in on the secret that next summer he will be releasing a new book with Simon & Schuster BFYR called That Neighbor Kid based on a series of images that he started on Instagram a couple of years ago. If you want a sneak peek, you can check out the series that inspired the book at @danielmiyaresdoodles #thatneighborkid or on Daniel’s website.

Now, who wants some ice cream?