More about Two in a Tepee

IMG_20160505_213616Why is the blog called Two in a Tepee? Each night before bedtime, my eldest daughter and I have “Secret Club”. The two of us climb into the pink and white tepee in her bedroom, surround ourselves with a big down duvet and plenty of pillows and get lost in picture books together. It is my favourite time of every day.

What is Two in a Tepee:
Two in a Tepee is a community for parents, children’s picture book lovers, authors and illustrators. It is a place to celebrate the best of visual storytelling and artists. We bring you recommendations and reviews, interviews with up-and-coming authors and illustrators and the inside track on the proliferation of new styles and voices exciting us in the world of children’s publishing today.

Who writes your posts?
Two in a Tepee is written by, me, Stephanie Cummings. In January 2016, I resigned my position as a hard-news journalist at the BBC to stay at home full-time. I have a passion for books and reading and have always been fascinated with children’s literature and illustration. Given that love, and our family’s immersion in picture books following the birth of our elder daughter, developing Two in a Tepee felt like a natural progression.


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    I’ve nominated you for the Bloggers’ Recognition Award to share your blog story and blogging advice. Please find the complete post here -
    It’s not necessary to post on your blog but you can just leave your thoughts in a comment on this post. I hope you’ll share what would be the things you wish you knew before you started blogging. 🙂

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