Lollies Blog Tour 2018: Rachel Bright makes squistory!

The Lollies are back and this year’s shortlist is nothing to laugh at! Wait. Let’s try that again. The Lollies are back and the books on this year’s shortlist are more uproarious than ever! That’s better. Moving on. Two in a Tepee is delighted to be championing Rachel Bright and Jim Field’s book The Squirrels Who […]

Food For Thought: The Inspiration Behind The Last Chip by Duncan Beedie

We have been lucky enough to be included in the week-long Blog Tour celebrating and illuminating Duncan Beedie’s latest book, The Last Chip. In keeping with Duncan’s other books (The Bear Who Stared and The Lumberjack’s Beard), The Last Chip has an important underlying message — this time about poverty, hunger and living rough. It’s the […]

Books to make the dark a little less scary…

It is now dark when we wake. The sun no longer shines at bedtime. Winter is coming and that means the nights are drawing in. For some children, that can also mean anxiety surrounding bedtime. Our two girls have both, only just this week, decided nightlights are the new way forward. So, with that in mind, here […]

Reviews in Brief: Pool by JiHyeon Lee

As a child, I spent hours and hours in our family swimming pool pretending to be a mermaid, undertaking “Jacques Cousteau missions”, and embarking on deep-sea treasure hunts. Sometimes, I would hold myself still underwater and simply enjoy the quiet. Our girls can both now swim underwater on their own (a recent development) and I […]