A River by Marc Martin

Where do we go when we are so lost in thought or creative endeavour that time no longer seems to exist? This is the journey we take in A River. The stage for this story is set in the endpapers. A little girl sits in her room at her desk surrounded by artifacts from exotic locales, […]

Sidewalk Flowers by JonArno Lawson and Sydney Smith

Quiet. Gentle. Subtle. Sidewalk Flowers reminds us wordlessly that there is beauty in the banal waiting to be spotted and treasured and shared. The red-hooded little girl we follow in this book seems to innately understand this as she walks through a grey city with her distracted father, seeking out dandelions and thistle, colour poking […]

Behind the scenes with…Daniel Miyares

Summer is here. How better to celebrate the advent of long days, blue skies (ok, possibly optimistic thinking in London) and bare legs than with these beautiful sketches? Daniel Miyares, author / illustrator of Float (see our review here), Pardon Me and most recently, Bring Me a Rock!, opened up his sketchbook to give Two […]

The Journey by Francesca Sanna

Faced with Francesca Sanna’s tale of a mother and her two children fleeing war, I wanted to walk away. I couldn’t. I picked the book up off the shelf in our local independent children’s bookshop, and put it down, and picked it back up again. And then I took it home. The Journey is dark […]

Please, Open This Book! by Adam Lehrhaupt and Matthew Forsythe

Who doesn’t like a bit of metafiction? In Please, Open This Book! a group of quirky monkeys do their best to convince the reader not to close the book for fear of being trapped (once again) inside the pages. They plead. They bat their eyes. They offer bribes (a bruised, half-eaten banana — “The other […]

Wolfie the Bunny by Ame Dyckman and Zachariah Ohora

My daughter’s godmother treated her this Christmas to the amazing Lutyens & Rubinstein’s Year in Books for Children. [As a side note, if you have never been to this treasure trove of a Notting Hill independent book shop, go.] The book that came through our post slot this month (my favourite so far) was Wolfie […]

Little Red by Bethan Woollvin

We like a girl with a plan – and so we love this dark reboot of the well worn classic, Little Red Riding Hood. Gone are the days of an easily fooled little girl in need of a strong woodsman to save her, this Little Red has her act together (and an axe up her […]

Float by Daniel Miyares

Given the weather in London, I could’t think of a better week to spend time with this visual stunner from Daniel Miyares. The story is simple: a boy and his dad make a paper boat together; the boy goes out into the rain to play with the boat; adventure ensues. The book, however, is elegant […]

Bluebird by Bob Staake

There is something going on in the world of children’s publishing and in the case of BLUEBIRD it is breathtaking. Wordless books exploring big heady topics — the nature of true friendship, selflessness, loneliness, longing, death, hope — have been finding their way to our tepee over the past few months. It started with Shaun Tan’s […]

Welcome to Two in a Tepee

Each night before bedtime, my eldest daughter and I have “Secret Club”. The two of us climb into the pink and white tepee in her bedroom, surround ourselves with a big down duvet and plenty of pillows, and get lost in picture books together. It is my favourite time of every day. Two in a Tepee is […]